BEDCO is a youth-employment initiative creating training and job opportunities for vulnerable youth from areas affected by sectarian-based violence.

Facts & Figures
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  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Alfanar SE Since: 2021
  • Total Alfanar Grant: £13,075
  • Social Impact: 80 youth trained and employed
  • SDGs: 


Lack of vocational training and job opportunities for youth in Lebanon, as well as low levels of formal education and the absence of coherent governmental response to urban marginalisation, mean that many in areas already impacted by sectarian-based violence are at significant risk of falling into cycles of violence and further marginalisation. This process has been worsened by the ongoing economic crisis and August 4th Beirut blast, which has destroyed livelihoods for many thousands in Lebanon.


BEDCO is a youth-employment initiative by MARCH, a Tripoli-based NGO focused on peace-building, conflict-resolution and social cohesion within Lebanon’s most vulnerable communities and conflict hotspots. BEDCO’s rehabilitation and reintegration programme promotes the personal and professional growth of vulnerable youth from marginalised urban areas who have been affected by sectarian-based violence. It does so by providing technical skills training to youth from all sectarian groups, and employing them as skilled workers. 

BEDCO’s on-the-job vocational training improves participants’ employability by helping them to acquire a marketable skill set in professions in areas such as construction, carpentry and graphic design. This enables participants to avoid resorting to illicit ways of making ends meet.

Alongside on-the-job vocational training, programme participants also receive extensive soft skills training, helping to become better equipped to integrate into the workforce, and support to better their wellbeing, such as legal advice, healthcare and psycho-social support.


In addition to creating training and income opportunities for an additional 110 marginalised youth in the construction sector, Alfanar is providing management support to improve cost recovery, help develop an adaptable training programme and testing curriculum for different trades and to create a digital impact management system to better monitor performance.

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