Facts & Figures
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  • Location: Alexandria, Egpyt
  • Alfanar Investee Since: 2018
  • Total Alfanar Investment: £15,850
  • Social Impact: 150 children with neurodevelopment disorders    

The Challenge

Approximately one in every 59 children suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Resources for the support and care of children with ASD and related neurodevelopmental disorders are severely lacking in Egypt, with public services and NGOs failing to fully provide individualised care for those in need. A lack of awareness and understanding of the condition amongst peer groups, families and educators further exacerbates the problem. Additionally, research in Egypt has shown that children with ASD, or other neurodevelopmental disorders, are more susceptible than any other segment of society to some form of abuse. 


The Organisation

Based in Alexandria, BTCP runs a rehabilitation centre to receive, assess and work with children with a range of neurodevelopmental disorders, with a particular focus on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each child received at BTCP is medically evaluated and psychologically assessed in order to create an individualized intervention plan. Regular reporting and evaluation is completed until the child has achieved the targets set at the initial evaluation, ensuring that proper and appropriate care is provided to those in need.

Investment Focus

Alfanar’s investment will improve and expand the services BTCP offer to disadvantaged and at-risk children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Financial sustainability through income generation is one of BTCP’s primary objectives; Alfanar’s pilot investment will also support BTCP to increase revenues by establishing more fee-based activities, such as rehabilitation sessions and specialist training programmes.