Training a New Generation of Educators to Deliver the High-Quality Education that Egypt Deserves  

Facts & Figures
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  • Location: El-Talbeya, Giza, Egypt
  • Alfanar Investee Since: 2014
  • Total Alfanar Investment: £471,569
  • Social Impact: 6,100 educators trained and 841 children educated
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The Challenge

The Egyptian education system lacks the teachers and funds to provide effective education to all of Egypt's growing population of young people. Forced to stretch funding even further every year, there is little opportunity for desperately needed reform to occur. When children fall through the net of the state education system, there is very little chance for them to be able to join it again. Nowhere is this more true than among deprived communities, where many children are forced to leave schooling to help support their families. For change to occur, Egypt’s education system must be supported and given the opportunities it needs to develop. 

The Organisation

Since 2010, Educate Me has worked in Talbeya, one of Cairo's most critically deprived slums, to try to ensure that the children of this deprived neighbourhood are given a chance at gaining the education they deserve. While originally providing only a non-formal school, Educate Me’s school in Talbeya is now fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, providing vital access to education in one of the most deprived areas in Cairo. They have also expanded their approach, offering Professional Development training to educators that will help see their success and methods replicated throughout Egypt, changing the mindset and approach of teachers nationwide.

The Educate Me model focusses on not only providing direct education, but on building character and emphasising opportunity for self-actualisation. It encourages critical thinking among the pupils, helping them to develop their communication skills, and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration among students. This model is backed heavily by research, which demonstrates that fostering a growth mindset in children is vital for achieving adulthood success, especially when partnered with academic support.

Educate Me has three streams of activity: professional development, preschool, community school. The former focuses on training teachers, especially those educators working in public and semi-public schools, as well as orphanages and NGOs. The preschool and community school run by Educate Me act as “Centres of Excellence”, allowing Educate Me to test and improve its pedagogical approach and the teacher trainings it develops.  

Alfanar and venture philanthropy mean a commitment to the double bottom line, a commitment to maximising impact while also maximising profits as a means to an end.

Yasmin Helal, Educate-Me 

What has been Achieved with Alfanar's Support

Through Alfanar’s support, Educate Me has grown from a single informal community school into being a teacher training facility with full recognition from the Egyptian Ministry of Education. By combining pedagogical development and training with real-world teaching experience in their own preschool and community school, Educate Me are able to offer insights into teaching in Egypt that will help change the landscape of Egyptian education. Alfanar’s support has also helped Educate Me to develop from a community project into a social enterprise, where their teacher training programmes are helping to directly support their education centre, while simultaneously creating positive impact on Egyptian education nationwide.

Alfanar's Investment: Looking Ahead

Educate Me remains one of the leading examples that the Alfanar methodology allows social enterprises to achieve success and real social impact. Our focus at the current time is on assisting Educate Me to develop their organisation itself. With a model that is clearly functioning effectively, and a demonstrated capacity to expand operations, the next steps are to ensure that Educate Me itself is prepared for future expansion. This will involve a specific focus on building their internal operational capacities so that the Professional Development programme for educators can be further expanded.

This investment is supported by SODIC.

I started noticing her behaviour changing with others; she started saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. She became more conversational and vocal about her opinions. Seeing the change in her made me join the [Educate-Me] school and push other parents to enrol their children as well...This is exactly the environment I want for Habiba.

Fatma, Mother of Educate-Me student 

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