Mohammad Lattach’s life was turned around when he was released from jail in 2015, and sought out employment to provide for and support his family. At the time, many of his friends were working for BEDCO, a training and employment initiative for youth in Tripoli. When the opportunity to apply to BEDCO’s programme arose, Lattach applied. 

What intrigued Lattach is that BEDCO did not only focus on work, but it also provided educational opportunities and vocational training, offering classes such as English, Arabic, construction, carpentry, embroidery, design and more. Lattach found himself drawn embroidery and continued down that path. 

Mohammad graduated from BEDCO’s programme 6 years ago and works at Kan Ya Makan designs, in which they create clothing pieces, as well as take old relics from Tripoli and restores to sell. He moved to Beirut to work with Kan Ya Makan, and now oversees their gallery there.

Through Alfanar’s support, BEDCO has trained and employed 80 youth and will create training and income opportunities for an additional 110 marginalised youth in the construction sector.

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