Inaash promotes Palestinian heritage while providing dignified employment for women in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps.

Facts & Figures
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  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Alfanar SE Since: 2015
  • Total Alfanar Grant: £233,228
  • Social Impact: 456 refugee women employed as embroiderers
  • Website:
  • SDGs:

The Challenge

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon face severe socioeconomic challenges: excluded from many forms of formal employment, living in overcrowded refugee camps with poor housing conditions and faced with dire environmental health conditions, the Palestinian refugee population is highly vulnerable. Within this population, women are particularly vulnerable. Faced with the role of being primary caretaker of their families in a highly challenging environment, many of these women are also subjected to gender discrimination and violence. Unsurprisingly, after more than half a century of living in the camps, Palestinian culture and tradition is fading.

The Organisation

Inaash has sought to develop a solution to the problems being faced by Palestinian women refugees. Over the past 50 years, it has trained more than 2000 Palestinian women in Lebanese refugee camps as professional embroiderers.

Tapping into the growing global market for traditional handmade goods, Inaash works to promote Palestinian cultural heritage through the production of high-end traditional embroidery, and to create economic opportunities for women living in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Its network of highly skilled embroiderers produces beautiful handmade goods including apparel, home and fashion accessories that are sold across the world. With over 3 million pieces produced, and items showcased worldwide, Inaash serves as a voice for Palestinian culture, and a provider of life changing opportunities for those it trains.

What has Been Achieved with Alfanar’s Support

Alfanar has provided Inaash with the tools to achieve full cultural change, and to ultimately help it move from being a charitable organisation into a fully functioning social enterprise. With an increased range of product designs, and the launch of their website in early 2019, Inaash has been completely transformed into a fledgling business.

Alfanar is like life support for us - each meeting with you is like a fresh transfusion.

Inaash Trustee

Alfanar's Support: Looking Ahead

Currently active in 9 of Lebanon’s 13 Palestinian refugee camps, Inaash aims to expand its reach to additional camps. They will seek to regularise and increase embroiderer incomes and expand their existing benefits by providing ancillary services likes eye-care and socio-cultural activities. Inaash will also setup a formalised training programme for embroiderers, expand their product line and venture into new markets.

Working with Inaash allowed me to stand on my feet. Instead of relying on charity, I am able to pay for my medications and tend to my needs. Every piece of my work I produce with Inaash is a source of life for me.

Um Mohammed, Palestinian refugee, Ain el Hilweh  

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