Life Vision is helping women farmers in Minya improve their yields and income - and building their resilience to life's challenges.


Facts & Figures
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  • Location: Minya, Egypt
  • Alfanar Investee Since: 2015
  • Total Alfanar Investment: £110,035
  • Social Impact: 669 lives impacted

The Challenge

Agricultural mechanisation in Egypt is destroying the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. As the struggle to make a living from traditional farming methods becomes ever harder, the exodus to the cities is leaving vast tracts of land untended and plunging more rural communities further into poverty.


The Organisation 

Life Vision seeks to make smallholder farming more economically viable for poor farmers. Taking a holistic approach to development, it provides a risk-free environment for women farmers to experiment with new agricultural methods and helps them switch to higher-return crops, thereby boosting incomes. Furthermore, Life Vision also provides training in essential life skills for women, building their resilience to life’s challenges.

Ever since attending the farmer field school, I have learned farming techniques that helped me double my production and the income I bring to my family. I was actually doing things wrong before. And now I no longer spend money on chemical pesticides because Life Vision has taught me how to compost. This organisation has been a blessing to me and my family.

Mona, Life Vision farmer


What we will do together

In our pilot year of investment, we will be helping Life Vision to start thinking about how it can start to become sustainable. It has already bought a tractor, which it is renting out to local farmers. At the same time, we are helping Life Vision to group its various initiatives under a coherent theory of change, introducing a monitoring and evaluation system and helping with business planning.