Nadine Khalife

Portfolio Officer

Nadine Khalife is Alfanar's Portfolio Officer leading and working on Alfanar's SEMD Project (Strengthening Entrepreneurship for Migration and Development) in Cairo, Egypt. Nadine has more than 8 years of experience working with NGOs on development programmes in both Lebanon and Egypt. After graduating from the University College of London with an MSc in Social Development, she joined CID consulting in Egypt working on participatory mapping and needs assessments in disadvantaged urban areas of Cairo, Egypt. After this, Nadine worked in Lebanon for 5 years with various NGOs, including Intersos and Amel Association International on UNICEF and UNHCR funded protection projects on the psycho-social wellbeing of Syrian/Palestinian refugees, as well as vulnerable Lebanese populations. Nadine went on to become the Deputy Director of Banati NGO in Cairo before joining Alfanar on the SEMD project, which will support 8 social enterprises led by and/or working towards economic empowerment/children’s education of refugees/migrants in Egypt.