Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages works to improve standards of care in orphanages throughout Egypt.


Facts & Figures
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  • Location: Cairo, Egpyt
  • Alfanar Investee Since: 2018
  • Total Alfanar Investment: £12,860
  • Social Impact: 100 children


The Challenge

There are 468 orphanages housing approximately 15,000 children across Egypt. Existing official guidelines for institutional homes address only the physical structure and administration of orphanages, but do not address issues relating to the psychological and physiological well being of children in care. Caregivers--who tend to come from underprivileged backgrounds themselves--are often ill-equipped to raise and protect the children under their care to a satisfactory standard.  This has resulted in generations of orphan children raised within a crumbling system, with few prospects or skills upon reaching adulthood at the age of 18.   

The Organisation

Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages is a Cairo based organisation working to provide a safe environment for children without parental care. They achieve this by establishing National Quality Standards (NQS) in orphanages and institutional care homes across Egypt.


Investment Focus

In the pilot year of investment, Alfanar’s support will help Wataneya to establish accredited National Quality Standards for alternative care (NQS) in three institutional homes in greater Cairo, increase Wataneya’s cost recovery and develop a three year business plan.