Ahmad Sakr joined the MMKN Public School Support Program at grade 8 and while he used to score well relative to the public school average he did not score well enough to be granted a scholarship to join prestigious institutions.

Recognising his potential, MMKN decided to help Ahmad reach the next level of his academic career. Several volunteer teachers worked in pairs to help Ahmad and his fellow students to improve their grades and understanding of the material. MMKN focuses primarily on the ways in which students think and understand, which allows students to keep growing after the support of MMKN.

Ahmad is a perfect example of this. After scoring very highly on the official exams and receiving honours, Ahmad was given the opportunity to gain a scholarship by sitting the entrance exam for a prominent institution, the “International College”. MMKN took it upon itself to enhance his English language and to train him on what to expect in such an institution.

Today, Ahmad is one of IC’s prized pupils, and has managed to maintain his honours status. Next year he will be applying to the number one university in the Middle East, American University of Beirut. We look forward to him joining our volunteering programs once he joins the university.