Training the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

In addition to our venture philanthropy mission, Alfanar supports eco-system players in the social entrepreneurship sector through our ASSET programme (Alfanar Sustainable Social Enterprise Training), either as a full package or in individual modules. These revenue-generating activities allow us to be more financially sustainable and to increase the funding we can provide the social enterprises in our portfolio.

Our Clients

Our clients are typically eco-system peers and partners (accelerators, bootcamps, incubators, global venture philanthropists with no local presence), foundations, NGOs, impact investor funds, international donors and implementers of donor-funded projects. Once a client has expressed interest we usually prepare a formal project proposal based on a clearly defined scope and timeframe for delivery.

What Makes Us Different?

Our main differentiator with other consulting firms is our unparalleled on-the-ground experience and understanding of the social entrepreneurship sector, combined with the consultancy competencies of our staff. 

The scope of our Advisory Services is usually centred on the following activities:

A-La-Carte Social Enterprise Support

Deployment of specific steps from our venture philanthropy methodology (due diligence, selection process, ASSET training or mentorship) which can also be done in partnership with peers, as part of a consortium or on behalf of global organisations that have no local presence in Egypt or Lebanon.

Full Cycle Social Enterprise Support

Deployment of our end-to-end venture philanthropy methodology during a one-off project for a specific portfolio of social enterprises.

If you are interested in receiving the Alfanar Sustainable Social Enterprise Training (ASSET) programme, please contact [email protected]