Amjad Bseisu holds a BSc Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and an Msc and D ENG degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Stanford University.  From 1984 to 1998, Amjad worked for the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), ultimately as Head of International Marketing, Negotiations and Business Development, then becoming President of ARCO Petroleum Ventures and ARCO Crude Trading, Inc.

In 1998, Amjad founded Petrofac Resources International Limited where he was Chief Executive and a member of the Board of Petrofac Limited.  In 2007 the Division was renamed Petrofac Energy Developments International Limited.  In April 2010, Amjad formed EnQuest PLC and was appointed to the Board.  Previously, Amjad was a founding non-executive director of Serica Energy plc and Stratic Energy Corporation.  Amjad is also non-executive Chairman of Enviromena Power Systems, a private company and the leading developer of solar services in the Middle East and North Africa.