…but we are delighted to announce that the Soufra food truck is now up and running, and the WPA ladies are ready to start cooking up a storm! 

After over a year of sets backs and challenges, it’s a pleasure and a thrill to see this dream finally become a reality. Our Kickstarter campaign raised a grand total of £47,990, allowing the women of Soufra to buy and equip their food truck and to bring their delicious Palestinian food to the people of Beirut.   

Above all else, we could never have achieved this without you: our incredible supporters. It’s you who has truly made the difference, and we want to thank you for being part of Soufra’s unlikely and remarkable story. 

And finally...

…please stay tuned for SOUFRA, the upcoming documentary film chronicling this extraordinary journey! 

With acclaimed filmmaker Thomas Morgan at the helm, and names such as Susan Sarandon, Kathleen Glynn and Trevor Hall on board, SOUFRA promises to be a roaring success. 

SOUFRA will be premiering later this year at venues worldwide. We will be providing a toolkit for our supporters to host screenings and help us raise awareness and funds to make more ventures like this possible. If you’d like to host a screening yourself, please get in touch at: [email protected] 

You can find out more about the film here: www.foodtruckfilm.com and check our events page here for information on current screenings.

Please spread the word!