"I play the role of the woman and the man and the whole house."

Higaziya knew life was unpredictable but she never imagined finding herself as a widow at the tender age of 28. With three young children to provide for and no family to turn to for support, Higaziya was confronted with a difficult road ahead.

Despite the challenges faced, Higaziya aspired to use her technical diploma in tailoring to provide for her family. One day she was introduced to Future Eve's Amal Project, where she was given the tools needed to access her first microloan and make her dream a reality.

Today, Higaziya runs a small business, provides for her family and is able to keep her children in school. 

Since 2012, through a unique partnership with the Global Fund for Widows and our social enterprise in Egypt the Future Eve Foundation, the Amal Project has provided dignity and opportunity to over 21,000 widows and female breadwinners across vulnerable communities in Egypt.

We thank the generous supporters who have made this possible over the years, including our scale partner SODIC.

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