“I go once a month to buy medication for my parents. My work with B.O.T helps me afford it.”

Growing up in Tripoli has never been easy for Angy. As a 22-year-old living in Lebanon’s second-largest city, she has felt inundated by the constant unemployment surrounding her. 

Despite having a degree in Arabic Literature and an ambitious career plan, rejection emails flooded her inbox. When her father, the family’s breadwinner, lost his job and her mother became ill with cancer, Angy was determined to secure employment quickly. 

Angy’s life drastically changed when she became acquainted with Bridge. Outsource. Transform (B.O.T). Lebanon’s first impact sourcing platform working to bridge the gap between youth freelancers with digital training and employers.  

After being upscaled by B.O.T’s sister organization, Digital. Opportunity. Trust (D.O.T) in digital entrepreneurship, Angy began to work as a freelancer on different projects ranging from data entry to artificial intelligence. 

Angy is deeply appreciative of the steadfast support B.O.T has given her and the profound impact it has made in her personal and professional journey. She eagerly looks froward to the growth and evolution of her path with B.O.T in the coming days, weeks and years. 

With Alfanar's venture philanthropy support since 2019, B.O.T has successfully enabled 888 disadvantaged youth across Lebanon and Jordan to access income-generating opportunities as digital freelancers.

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