“I want to be a lawyer."

Strong-willed, outspoken and determined best describe Amany, according to her instructors at Heya Masr. Unbowed by her father’s insistence that she no longer attend school or Heya Masr's children's programme, Amany applied the communication skills she learned with Heya Masr and advocated for her education.

Amany calmly sat her father down and explained why continuing her education was important to her and, in the same breath, announced her dream of becoming a lawyer. Her father listened as she respectfully expressed her thoughts while allowing him to share his own. The conversation led him to accept and appreciate the importance of Amany's education.

Heya Masr is a social enterprise that aims to build confidence, emotional intelligence and resilience in vulnerable children through a three-month afterschool programme. Heya Masr also works with parents to better understand the importance of gender equality, good nutrition and safeguarding,

Since 2021, Alfanar helped Heya Masr to increase its social impact, refine its revenue model and improve its internal management systems, leading to an impact with 300 children across Cairo.

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