When Jalal Abboud first became in contact with MMKN 6 years ago, he was not a good student and was a very low achiever, especially in physics. Jalal took physics support classes with one of MMKN’s dedicated volunteer teachers, who has been teaching physics for MMKN for 6 years.

Within just a few months, Jalal demonstrated dramatic improvements and developed a passion for physics. Not only did he improve his average score from 2/20 to 16/20, by the end of the year he had managed to score 100% in the official government exams for physics (Brevet). 3 years after he applied to the Lebanese University’s Physics major, competing with thousands of others – he managed to get chosen into the program.

Today Jalal is giving back what he received through MMKN’s Program and is one of our prized volunteer teachers that is inspiring a new generation of grade 8 and 9 students. This summer he also dedicated himself on a daily basis to help 13 students in our Study Room that were not part of our support program. He had given them physics and maths tutoring and managed to get all of them through the official exams.