In Lebanon, Alfanar has supported the growth of the social enterprise sector by providing management support to social enterprises through the following special projects:

Drosos Foundation

Since early 2020, Alfanar has partnered with Drosos to provide management support to a few of their portfolio social enterprises:

  • Creative Space Beirut is a free fashion design school with a revenue-generating arm that includes in-house brands and an online shop

  • Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club is an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs at the different stages of their journey through tailored programs and services

  • Semeurs d’Avenirs provides on-the-job training and employment opportunities in the electrical sector for graduates from vulnerable communities

  • Zoukak is a social enterprise whose mission is to establish theatre as an essential ecosystem through theatre mentorship programmes, production support grants and training for theatre practitioners


SoUK.LB was a British government-funded project launched in partnership with DAI and AltCity to support the social enterprise sector in Lebanon. Alfanar deployed our end-to-end venture philanthropy approach to support the following social enterprises:

  • Balsam is a non-governmental organisation whose mission is to develop and provide palliative care, while ensuring that it becomes integrated into the country's healthcare system

  • Cirquenciel by Arcenciel is a circus organisation that aims to spread peace among youths through circus arts. Through their three programs: the circus school, the professional troupe, and psycho-social support team, the organisation works closely with the Ministry of Education to integrate circus arts into private and public schools

  • Creative Space Beirut is a free fashion design school with a revenue-generating arm that includes in-house brands and an online shop

  • L’Artisan du Liban is a mission-focused social enterprise that seeks to preserve Lebanese cultural heritage through the production and selling of traditional handicrafts. They also provide training and workshops to teach the art of handicraft making

  • SE Factory is an intensive three-month coding bootcamp and job creation initiative which aims to improve the employability of underprivileged youth by facilitating their employment in the tech sector.

  • Souk El Tayeb is an organisation that brings people together over locally-sourced, traditional Lebanese food. They organise campaigns and research about food traditions and heritage, while also managing a Dekenet (store) to make and preserve mouneh (preserves) products

Beirut Blast Emergency Relief Reconstruction Programme

  • BEDCO by March NGO is a construction and rehabilitation initiative established under March Lebanon that aims to reconstruct deprived areas of Lebanon, while also empowering marginalised youths by providing them with technical vocational training