In Jordan, Alfanar has supported the growth of the social enterprise sector by providing management support to social enterprises through the following special projects:

Mubaderoon: Enterprises for Social Change

Alfanar is excited to support the growth of Jordan's sustainable social enterprise sector by providing our ASSET training to social enterprises working to empower women and youth in East Amman, Ajloun and Tafileh.

In partnership with Plan International, Ruwwad and EURICSE, Alfanar is working on Mubaderoon: Enterprises for Social Change, an exciting EU-funded initiative which aims to combat poverty and exclusion through the development of the Jordanian social enterprise ecosystem.

Over a two-year period, Alfanar will provide training, management support and impact analysis to accelerate the growth of social enterprises in three of Jordan's most impoverished districts, with the ultimate objective of empowering some of the country's most marginalised groups through job creation, social innovation and impact.

Out of 1,651 initial applications from aspiring social entrepreneurs across Jordan, 39 reached the final pitching stage held between 26th-28th February 2020. 

As part of broader efforts to develop Jordan's social enterprise sector, Alfanar will leverage its experience in the region by sharing its lessons learned with social entrepreneurship stakeholders and decision-makers to help guide the needed policy and legislative frameworks to empower and enhance the role of social enterprises in Jordan.

Learn more about Mubaderoon: Enterprises for Social Change here.