Understanding the landscape is not simply an exercise that philanthropists need to undertake during annual reviews. Every philanthropic organisation should continually engage with stakeholders, assess evolving needs and update their knowledge in order to provide impactful, responsive support. - Myrna Atalla 

We had the privilege of contributing to Barclay’s Guide to Giving, a 12-chapter guide designed to support aspiring and seasoned philanthropists in their giving journey. 

Our Executive Director, Myrna Atalla provided insight to better understand the landscape of philanthropy and how best to meet the evolving needs of the social enterprises and communities Alfanar supports. 

Twenty years ago, Alfanar was born out of the belief of creating a more effective method to pool philanthropic capital and direct it towards social enterprises.Throughout Alfanar’s expansive journey across the Arab World, it was imperative to continuously understand the challenges on the ground in order to deliver effective technical assistance and management support. This led to introducing new opportunities like our study missions, which expose our social enterprises to global exchanges that expand their perspective and grow their knowledge.

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