At the heart of everything we do is our venture philanthropy approach which fuels social change across the Arab world. - Myrna Atalla 

Topic of Discussion

On April 29th Myrna participated in Afikra's Tijara interview series, an exciting space bringing together businesses, historians, economists and entrepreneurs pivotal in shaping companies and economies across the Arab World.

Highlighting Alfanar's 19-year venture philanthropy journey spanning Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt, Myrna underscored the transformative power of social entrepreneurship to profoundly enhance the lives of the region's most vulnerable. By combining tailored management support, interest-free loans and impact measurement Alfanar equips its portfolio of social enterprises with the tools needed to expand and strengthen their impact further. 

Who is Afikra?

Afikra is a movement to convert passive interest in the Arab world to active intellectual curiosity. They aim to collectively reframe the dominant narrative of the region by exploring the histories and cultures of the region- past, present, and future- through conversations driven by curiosity.

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