In February 2024, Alfanar partnered with Osman Consulting to deliver over 6,000 food and water boxes to Gaza. 

Together, we ensured the delivery of 6,114 dried food and water boxes to families in Gaza to help them survive the unimaginable human suffering they continue to endure. The parcels were successfully delivered from Egypt, following a 13-day wait at the Rafah border crossing.    

"Our partnership with Alfanar is a testament to the impact we can achieve when we work together. Providing food and water to families in Gaza is not just about sustenance; it's about offering hope in difficult times. Let's keep collaborating to make a real difference," said Moustafa Osman, Founder of Osman Consulting

We are grateful to our implementing partner Egyptian Food Bank, who helped ensure the boxes reached Gaza from Cairo, and Palestine Red Crescent Society, who received and distributed them.  

"In the face of unimaginable human suffering as we have seen unfold in Gaza for many months, it is imperative that we in the sustainable development space bring to bear our networks and capacities to respond,” said Myrna Atalla, Alfanar Executive Director.


Alfanar Egypt Country Director, Shenouda Bissada                      Osman Consulting Founder, Moustafa Osman