‘Sometimes, the most disruptive thing we can do as philanthropists is to stay the course, focus on our mission and support social enterprises on the ground.’- Myrna Atalla, Alfanar Executive Director

Alfanar believes in the importance of participating in discussions surrounding how venture philanthropy drives sustainability and innovation for social enterprises in the Arab region and around the world.  

In January 2024, Myrna participated in the Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) 2024: How can we best leverage the private sector in development webinar. Myrna spoke alongside Naila Farouky, CEO of Arab Foundations Forum, Khaled Hegazy, Chief Strategy and Regulatory Officer at e&International, Dina Abdel Fattah, Assistant Professor of Economics at AUC School of Business, Paolo Comoglio, Director General of COSV and moderated by Noha El-Mikawy, Dean of the School of Public Affairs and Global Policy at AUC. The discussion addressed the power of public-private partnerships and how the expertise and resources of both sectors can be leveraged to both mitigate conflicts and support business growth more effectively. Panellists also addressed the social investment landscape and the region’s readiness for policies and regulations to provide a framework for equity funds for startups.

Last year, in September 2023, Myrna also attended the Arab Foundations Forum’s annual meeting at The American University in Cairo. The conference discussed the future of philanthropy in the MENA region by diving into the dynamics between funding bodies and social enterprises, strategies for turning these relationships into equitable partnerships, and how to envision the enterprise landscape for 2040.

To learn more, you can watch the full webinars below: 

Arab Foundations Forum 2024: How can we best leverage the private sector in development?


Arab Foundations Forum 2023 Annual Meeting Day 1 Plenary: The Future of Philanthropy - How Will the Sector Look in 2040?