Alfanar's 2018 Annual Report is now available online! Click here to read the report.

Last year was Alfanar's most impactful year yet. Through the support of remarkable partners and donors names in the report, Alfanar was able to make great strides towards creating a vibrant movement supporting bold social entrepreneurs changing the face of the Middle East and, in turn, delivering greater equity and opportunity in vulnerable communities.

Explore some of the highlights from 2018 below, including:

  • How Alfanar achieved one-third of our total impact footprint in a single year, investing in 18 social enterprises in Egypt and Lebanon to impact 14,986 lives.
  • How Alfanar's investees self-generated £1,103,685 in revenue, increasing their financial sustainability and self-reliance.
  • How we used real-time monitoring and evaluation to give our investees the insights and data they need to refine their models and maximise their impact.
  • How we trained social enterprises on core aspects of running a successful and sustainable social venture through our ASSET training programme.
  • How we conducted an Accelerate study mission to visit best-in-class education social enterprises in Mumbai, India, providing our investees exposure to new conceptual models and building new knowledge-sharing networks.
  • How we continued to promote venture philanthropy and social investment through outreach events and media interviews.

None of these achievements could have been possible without the generous backing of our donors and supporters, in 2018 and over the past 15 years.

We thank all who made generous donations, gave their time, shared their networks, or imparted their guidance. There is still so much more for us to do together.

Please share the report with friends or through your social media channels. Your support is pivotal to helping us engage more with Alfanar's social investment work.

Together, we hope to achieve even more in 2018 and beyond.


Learn more about Alfanar's venture philanthropy approach here.