Support Emergency Needs in Lebanon 

Beirut has been hit by a massive explosion at the Port of Beirut that has killed hundreds and injured thousands more.

Due to the severity of the damage and destruction across Beirut, 300,000 people are now homeless and Lebanon's hospitals are filled beyond capacity.

This blast comes in the midst of an economic crisis and health pandemic, that has left more than 50% of the population living under the poverty line. The situation is especially dire for vulnerable families who need to feed, clothe and shelter themselves and their children. 

Alfanar's unique and flexible support enables overstretched front-line social enterprises to survive this crisis and continue to meet the growing demand of vulnerable communities across Lebanon. 

Our Emergency Lebanon Appeal aims to raise $500,000 (£380,000) to provide emergency relief for thousands of vulnerable people who have had their homes and livelihoods destroyed.

Our support will focus on the following three critical areas of need:

  • Hunger Relief
  • Debris Clean-Up and Reconstruction
  • Direct Support to Portfolio Social Enterprises

Support Emergency Needs

Hunger Relief

Target: $228,000 (£175,000)

Impact: 10,000 vulnerable families

- $50,000 (£38,000) delivers 2,500 dry food boxes that feed a family of five for one month

- $10,000 (£7,600) provides 6,660 hot meals for vulnerable people

- $1,000 (£760) delivers 50 dry food boxes that feed a family of five for one month

- $150 (£115) provides 90 hot meals for vulnerable people

Working with our social enterprises on the ground - Lebanese Food Bank, Soufra, ShareQ and Tawlet Souk el Tayeb - we will deliver a mixture of hot meals and dry food boxes to affected families, ensuring they can meet basic food needs in the coming months.

Debris Clean-Up and Reconstruction

Target: $228,000 (£175,000)

Impact: 4,500 vulnerable youth employed

- $40,000 (£30,400) employs 1,600 disadvantaged youths as reconstruction workers for one day

- $4,000 (£3,040) employs 160 disadvantaged youths as reconstruction workers for one day

- $400 (£304) employs 16 disadvantaged youths as reconstruction workers for one day

We will work with social enterprise BEDCO by March NGO to support debris clean-up and reconstruction efforts in Beirut. This will not only allow affected people to return home and businesses to reopen, but also will provide much-needed construction work and income to disadvantaged youth in Beirut. 

Direct Support to Social Enterprises

Target: $60,000 (£50,000)

We will provide additional support to our portfolio of social enterprises in Lebanon, helping them to rebuild and repair damaged work spaces, providing counselling to help them and their teams remain strong and resilient, and offering technical support to help them adjust impact models and operations in light of the crisis. 

Download our Emergency Lebanon appeal here

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