Help Feed and Clothe Vulnerable Lebanese During the Crisis 

As the economic crisis is compounded by the impact of COVID-19, 50% of Lebanon's population is now living under the poverty line. This is up from 33% just last September. This situation is dire for vulnerable families across the country who need to feed and clothe themselves and their children.

Alfanar's unique and flexible support enables overstretched front-line social enterprises to survive the crisis and scale their operations to meet growing demand.

TARGET: £50,000

IMPACT: 7,750 Families

Help the Lebanese Food Bank

- £32,000 feeds 3,750 of Lebanon's most vulnerable and builds up The Lebanese Food Bank's capacity to feed more families

- £100 feeds 11 of Lebanon's most at-risk people

The Lebanese Food Bank has gone from distributing 500 to 50,000 food boxes per month in a matter of weeks. This social enterprise is working around the clock to meet growing demand. Alfanar's flexible support ensures that the management team can cope with growth and scale up operations effectively and sustainably.


Support FabricAID

- £20,000 clothes at least 4,000 vulnerable people across Lebanon affordably

- £8,300 gives FabricAID a van to pick up +100 tonnes of second-hand clothes 

- £100 gives 20 vulnerable Lebanese people good-quality clothes

FabricAID picks up second-hand clothes, repairs, cleans and prepares them for reuse, instead of clogging up overflowing dump sites. Alfanar is helping FabricAID expand its operations throughout Lebanon to serve a growing number of poor families desperately in need of good-quality, affordable clothes.