Feed Families & Create Jobs Making Masks

We have launched an emergency relief fund to feed 1,000 refugees and vulnerable Lebanese whose work with our social enterprises has ceased because of the crisis. We are also working with our embroidery and textile production investees -- Shatila Studio and Inaash -- to produce 6,000 masks in 15 days and give 145 refugees needed work.  

TARGET: £100,000

IMPACT: Feed 1,140 Families

Feed Refugee and Vulnerable Families During the Crisis

- £54,000 feeds 1,000 families for two months

- £27,000 feeds 1,000 families for one month

- £2,700 feeds 100 families of 5 for one month

- £270 feeds 10 families of 5 for one month

1,000 refugees and vulnerable Lebanese who work with our social enterprises, including WPA/Soufra, Inaash, Shatila Studio, B.O.T., ShareQ, have lost their jobs and livelihoods and cannot feed their families. 


Give Refugees Work Making Needed Masks

- £27,000 gives 145 refugees much-needed work, producing 6,000 masks in 15 days

Alfanar is launching a special project with its embroidery investees -- Shatila Studio and Inaash -- to produce 6,000 masks in 15 days. The project will give paid work to around 145 refugees, and it will ensure that half of the masks produced are donated directly to Syrian and Palestinian refugees. FabricAID will donate 600kg of unusable second-hand clothing to be used for interior padding of the masks.

UPDATE: this project is now fully funded.